Breast Care

The best treatment following a mastectomy or during and post a pregnancy

High-quality breast prostheses, mastectomy bras and swimwear with a perfect fit

We not only develop breast prostheses and compensatory cups, co-ordinated mastectomy bras and mastectomy swimwear, but also products for the perfect post-operative treatment. The right post-op care is always needed after any operation, and this includes a breast augmentation, mastectomy, conservation as well as enhancement or reduction.

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Anita Care

The Anita care range is geared specifically towards the individual needs of women after breast surgery.

Our Anita Care range features Breast Prostheses, Mastectomy Bras, Mastectomy Swimwear, The Anita TriProVita System and more.


Mastectomy Bra


Mastectomy Bra


Mastectomy Bikini


Mastectomy Swimsuit


Breast Prostheses
(Primary Care)


Breast Prostheses
(Partial Prosthetics)


Breast Prostheses
(Full Prosthetics)


The TriProVita System

Anita Medical

The Anita Care Medical Garments provide top quality support after breast surgery.

If your doctor recommends a compression bra, the Anita 1095 bra is the absolute best choice. This medical-grade compression bra is made of double-lined stretch cotton that is soft and breathable. Breast supports at the sides of the cups provide side compression.

The wide stretch band helps keep the breasts in place during the healing process, and has a 100% cotton backing for sensitive skin..


Compression Bra


Post Operative Compression Bra


Initial Post Operative Compression Bra